LISC Chicago

Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) Chicago is a leading community development support organization. They work with individual neighborhoods to research and create viable plans for their residents to thrive. Talk about making a social impact in Chicago! 

With LISC, we have designed a broad range of materials that communicate to community members, local leadership and funders to make change at a grassroots level. Our strategy is to bring these local issues to life through imagery and information design to tell their stories.



Brand strategy
Print design
information design
Interactive and digital Design

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Forward Design Annual Report 12 15-3332 2000.jpg
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Strategic Plan

Every few years LISC does the hard work to evaluate their work and define their strategy going forward. We worked with them to design this strategic plan. We worked to find a balance between the dynamic outcomes to be celebrated and the serious work ahead for the organization’s growth in impact.

Forward Design Chicago Strategic Plan_LDP-5731_2000px.jpg
Forward Design Chicago Strategic Plan_DOF-8942 cropped 2000.jpg
Forward Design Chicago Strategic Plan_LDP-5735_2000px.jpg
Forward Design Chicago Strategic Plan_LDP-5733_2000px.jpg
Forward Design Chicago Strategic Plan_LDP-5738_2000px.jpg
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Forward Design Chicago Strategic Plan_LDP-5715_2000px.jpg
Forward Design Chicago Strategic Plan_LDP-5694_2000px.jpg

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