The Woman’s Board for Rush University Medical Center

Each year the Rush University Medical Center’s Woman’s Board has raised money for a program that elevates the health and quality of life for Chicago’s residents. For the past few years we have worked with the board to design and produce all the marketing materials supporting their fall benefit. Every year the event is led by a different board member and a new theme for the event. Designing new campaigns each year for these events is definitely something we look forward to.



print design
Interactive Design
Campaign Development

Forward Design Events_LDP-5893b_2000px.jpg
Forward Design Website Graphics_2019_RWB_2 b.jpg
Forward Design Event Logo_2019_RWB_22.jpg
Forward Design Event Invitation_LDP-5899_2000px.jpg
Forward Design Event Design_LDP-5903_2000px.jpg
Forward Design Event Invitation_LDP-5896 b_2000px.jpg
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This event was held in the modern wing at the Art Institute of Chicago. We sought to create a look that was both modern and elegant to match the evening’s event.

Forward Design Event Logo_2019_RWB_25.jpg
Forward Design Event Logo_LDP-5921_2000px.jpg
Forward Design Event Invitation_LDP-5927 b 2000.jpg
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Forward Design Event Invitation_2019_RWB_24 b.jpg
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